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Raincoat - Black

Raincoat - Black

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Crafted from lightweight, waterproof, high-quality TPU material, this dog raincoat offers comprehensive rain protection for your pet. It features a practical leash opening for easy leash attachment/detachment, complete with a cover to shield against water ingress. The transparent hooded design ensures full head protection and visibility, safeguarding your dog from rain splashes. Additionally, extra buttons ensure a snug fit, enhancing comfort and keeping the raincoat securely in position.


Waterproof Dog Raincoat Features:
- Constructed from lightweight and waterproof TPU material.
- Convenient leash opening with a cover for easy access.
- Transparent hooded design ensures complete head protection and visibility, guarding your dog from rain splashes.
- Additional buttons provide a comfortable fit, securing the raincoat during walks.
- Quick and easy to wear, making it a hassle-free option for your canine companion.
- Adjustable neck and chest components offer a customizable fit for optimal comfort.

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